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Squat® Story
Squat® Story

Squat® and his fellow funsters live in a huge, rambling orphanage known as the manor. The orphanage was once an abandoned nursing home and was renovated by a couple of young at heart retirees who adopted Squat® late in their lives, after failing to have children of their own. It was of course their destiny and they would later become mom and dad Squat® to more children than they could have ever imagined.

Dad made a pile of money from writing successful childrens books, and at age 63, decided to buy the old nursing home, intending to turn it into a guest house which he and mom would run in their retirement. It is located on a clifftop overlooking the bay in a coastal town called Squatsdale.

Squat® was abandoned as a baby, found in a dumpster, where he was nicknamed Squat® by the hospital staff because he was born with quite literally, nothing, nada, bupkes, Squat®! The couple who discovered him were out for a walk one evening and heard the cries of a baby and found him wrapped in a newspaper and placed in a playstation cardboard box. They rushed him to the hospital and they quickly realized that this was a sign that he was brought into their lives and decided to adopt him and open an orphange.

Squat® has hand picked and gathered his housemates himself and he is their leader. Together, they are on a perpetual prowl for pranks, some with a defined purpose and some just for the fun of it! They also deal with the day to day issues that you can imagine would arise with 55 characters living together under one roof. Combine that with the adventures that quite often occur with townies (the adults and children of Squatsdale) and you have a never ending resevoir of stories to share with one and all.

Squatsdale is akin to everytown in the USA, reflecting a kind of micrcosm of American life. The issues that are raised are a unique mix of edgy and realistic themes like child abuse, gang crime, dysfunctional families and the issues that impact our youth, tempered with childlike fantasies that make it easyfor one and all to relate to Squat® and his funsters. They are presented from the viewpoint of these mischievious pranksters, with the result that on the surface is always fun and frivolous, while underneath courses a dark undercurrent of social and emotional distress.

In the same way that children often see the world in black and white, the Squat® themes and advnetures are treated with stark simplicity featuring a raw edgy realism in conjuction with a never ending and infectious childlike optimism

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